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Our School
TPCS STAFF LIST 2014 - 2015

Mrs. Krista Nitschke - Principal

Mme Christine Desbiens - Vice-Principal

Mr. Don Abbott - Head Custodian

Mrs. Lori Arnold - School Secretary


Dauphinee, Mrs. Michelle - EJK/SK

Laroque, Saria (ECE) - EJK/SK

McKnight, Mrs. Tricia - EJK/SK

Bruner, Trisha (ECE) - EJK/SK

Madden, Mrs. Allison - Gr. 1

Campbell, Mrs. Joanne - Gr. 2/3

Kish, Mme Carrie - JK/SK Fr. Imm.

Smith, Mrs. Lisa - ECE French

Moore, Mme Samantha - JK/SK Fr. Imm.

Brooks, Mrs. Shannon - ECE French

Mills, Mme Erin - Gr. JK/SK Fr. Imm.

Aikens, Mme Christine - 1 Fr. Imm.

Hoogsteen, Mme Meredeth - Gr. 1/2 Fr. Imm

Backman, Mme Cindy - Gr. 2 Fr. Imm.

MacDonald, Mme Erin - Gr. 2 Fr. Imm.

Proulx, Mme Victoria - Gr. 3 Fr. Imm.

Carpenter, Mme Jennifer - Core French


Carrington, Mme Susan - Gr. 4 Fr. Imm

Harris, Mme Melissa - Gr. 5/6 Fr. Imm.

Watson, Mme Susan - Gr. 6/7  Fr. Imm.

Woodroffe, Alison - Gr. 3/4

Compson, Mr. Nigel - Gr. 4/5  

Benn, Mrs. Erika - Gr. 5/6
 Wood, Ms. Lindsey - District Learning Centre

Boldrick, Jennifer - Planning and SST

       Shepherd, Ms Jaymee - English to Immersion

Wynn, Amber - English to Immersion

Little, Mme Eva - English to Immersion / Planning


Compson, Nigel - Gr. 6/7

Scott, Mr. Darrell - Gr. 7/8
Bastet, Mme Nicole - Gr. 7/8 FI


Christian,Ms Tiffany - Special Needs Primary/Junior


Detlor, Ms Eva - E.A.

Fenwick, Mrs. Shelley - E.A.

Grant, Ms Kim - E.A.

Lemoine, Ms Trina -E.A.

Virgin, Mrs. Darlene -E.A.

Brunner, Mrs. Trish - ECE English

Maracle-Tapping, Mrs. Veronica - Yard Supervisor

Paul, Mrs. Janice - Yard Supervisor

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